PA/PES Hot Melt Web Film Production Line

Hot melt adhesive film is a kind of film with or without release paper, which can be conveniently operated continuously or intermittently. The utility model can be widely used for various fabrics, paper, macromolecule materials and metal bonding. We have rich experience and advantages in the raw material, and use the newest technology& process, to provide PA, PES, PO, TPO a full range of  hot melt adhesive film products.

Product features:

* single layer or multi layer solid composite

* good elasticity and high strength

* excellent water washable and dry cleaning properties

Product application field:

* reflective material bonding

* laser burn

* trademarks, badges, patterns, paste

* seamless underwear, sportswear, waterproof clothing, bonding

The hot melt adhesive web film is a non-woven fabric of hot melt adhesive, which can be conveniently operated continuously or intermittently. This product is widely used in all kinds of fabrics, paper, polymer materials and metal materials bonding. The company has the professional advantages of self-development, and can adjust the product characteristics according to the user's needs, and produce the textile composite fabric with good elasticity and super washable, with PA/PES film  products.

NOW IN CHINA, only we can produce 3 meters widTH, 6 grams / square meter of hot-melt retina products (thinnest), to reach the advanced level in the world.

Product features:

* excellent washable ability

* high bonding strength for fabric and foam

* high molecular strength, difficult to plasticizing deformation

* good ventilation, not easy to aging and yellowing

Product application field:

* clothing industry fabric adhesion

* adhesion of fabric foam to board for automotive industry

* indoor fabrics  bonding

* multilayer bonding of filter material

* luggage industry fabric bonding

* construction&decoration fabric bonding


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